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At RIVEd'O we are committed to "open innovation" as we're convinced that in the fast changing world of today the only way to remain competitive is to innovate and do so by any means possible. 

Open innovation is and has been reshaping the business world. Companies are realizing that they can and must find new ideas from the outside. Continuous and quick innovation is the only way to remain in business and to grow. As a result today many of the most innovative and successful ideas come from outside companies. Licensing ideas from the outside is good business as development costs are lower and product development time is accelerated.

Companies increasingly rely on outside sources of technology and intellectual property to strengthen their business models. You don’t have to originate the research in order to benefit from it. A company will benefit most from optimization of the use of both internal and external ideas. 

Rivedo is from the Italian verb Rivedere for to see, review, overhaul.

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